How it works

  • 1

    Complete an online questionnaire

    We have made it easy to collect your information:

    • Simply answer the questions presented in the online questionnaire.
    • Your document is automatically tailored specifically for your circumstances.
    • Our online help will provide explanations and guidance every step of the way.
    • Save your document at any time and return to it whenever convenient.
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    Send to our specialist team for review

    Depending on the service level available to you, you can send your completed document to our review team who will check it and make any necessary changes:

  • 3

    Print and sign your document

    When your document is complete you can then:

    • Use our secure, password-protected, online storage facility to access your document at any time.
    • Download your document in a Word or PDF format.
    • Print and sign it. Full instructions will be given on how to get the document witnessed and signed.